Guide to AGING IN PLACE for Miami and Broward

Aging in place means that a person can live in their own home and maintain some level of independence no matter their age, race, or current health condition. Seniors represent the most common category of people eager to stay in their homes while dealing with physical, emotional, or mental health challenges.

Why not? A person’s home makes them feel safe, secure, and comfortable. There is no sense in paying a lot of money to take someone out of their home and putting them in a facility surrounded by unfamiliar people and settings. A disabled senior can still live an independent and productive life with a home health caregiver’s assistance.

Health Care of South Florida is a renowned home health care agency in South Florida. If your loved one needs medical or non-medical assistance in their home, we can send a registered nurse, certified nursing assistant, or home health aide to be there for them. Our caregivers can come to the house on a part-time or full-time basis, whichever is needed.

To make an inquiry or appointment with our staff, please call (305) 871-3601, or you can contact us here.

Evaluating the Senior’s Needs

Every senior will have different needs for their care. When our caregivers arrive at the senior’s home, we will evaluate their specific needs firsthand. Some of the questions that we’ll look to answer will include:

  • Can the senior cook for themselves, or do they need us to cook for them?
  • Are their cupboards and refrigerator stocked with nutritious foods?
  • Can the senior safely drive themselves, or do they need us to drive them to various places in their community?
  • Can the senior make sound decisions, or is their cognitive function declining?
  • Can the senior remember things, or does it look like dementia is kicking into gear?
  • Does the senior have good balance and stability, or are they prone to falling? Do they need help bathing in the shower?

Once we understand their current mental, physical, and emotional help, our home health caregivers can create a comprehensive home care plan for your loved one. The plan could involve making some modifications and alternations to the home so that your loved one can move around more efficiently and safely.

The Common Home Hazards We Can Solve

Our caregivers will focus mainly on the three common hazards found in every house: pathways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Pathways: Most people keep loose objects on the pathways where you usually walk inside the home. These loose objects might include throw rugs, shoes, baskets, dog toys, plants, and so on. A senior could easily trip over these objects if they’re on the pathway. So, we’ll make sure that all pathways are cleared for your loved one.

Bathrooms: Every home has at least one bathroom. But is the shower easily accessible in your loved one’s bathroom? If there is no sturdy bar built into the wall, we recommend you have one installed. Otherwise, accidents are more likely to happen.

Kitchen: Does your loved one like to cook in the kitchen? If so, the pots and pans must be made more accessible to them. If they need to bend down to get them out of the kitchen cabinets, it could result in back pains or other physical problems. We can solve that problem by either relocating the pots and pans or cooking the meals for them.

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Aging in place is possible for seniors of South Florida. Health Care of South Florida can help make it possible with our elite team of nurses and home health aides. We’ll take the steps needed to make your loved one happy and comfortable at home.

If you’d like to find out more information or request our services for your loved one, please call us at (305) 871-3601, or you can contact us here.

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