Home Health Care Agency in Cooper City

Home Health Care Agency in Cooper City
Are you looking for a Cooper City home health care agency?

Do you need a professional and affordable Cooper City Home Health Care Agency?  Health Care of South Florida is one of the most respected and established home health care agencies in the region. We’ve spent over 15 years assisting clients in their homes and addressing their medical and non-medical needs. We’re confident that we can address your needs too.

Call (954) 431-1534 or use our contact form here to submit a home care service request. Be sure to mention which specific home care service you would like to receive. Then we will send the appropriate health care professional to your home to deliver the service.

Top-Rated Home Nursing in Cooper City

Home nursing care has been in greater demand in Cooper City over the last few decades. As more northerners retire in Miami or Broward, they eventually end up needing skilled nursing services to stay active and healthy. Health Care of South Florida is staffed with professional home caregivers who come equipped with a wide range of skills and abilities.

Do you need a home health aide to do basic chores for you, such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing? Do you require a skilled nurse to administer your medication and perform other medical-related tasks? No matter if you answered “yes” to one or both questions, we could offer you these services at your convenience. That is why we are a top-rated home health care agency in Cooper City.

Affordable Senior Home Care in Cooper City

Senior home care does not have to be expensive in Cooper City. Health Care of South Florida offers high-quality home care services at affordable prices. We offer many different service options to accommodate your budget. If you cannot afford long-term care, we can arrange for short-term care or the occasional visit to check up on you or your loved one. Whatever the case may be, we’ll work with you for a suitable outcome for all.

Did we mention that we accept most health insurance carriers? Some of these include Medicare, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, Univita, WellCare Health Plans, ElderCare Alliance, Aetna, and BlueCross BlueShield. If you’re unsure what your insurance plan covers in terms of home health care services, we’ll review your insurance policy to find out. Most people with insurance will see a significant discount for home health care services.

Why Choose Health Care of South Florida

There are many reasons why you should choose Health Care of South Florida in Cooper City. The biggest reason is to take advantage of our diverse range of home care services, which include:

  • Part-time homecare
  • Full-time homecare
  • Postpartum care
  • 24/7 – overnight care
  • Medical supervision
  • Home health aiding (e.g., Meal preparation, feeding, bathing, grooming)

All of our caregivers are licensed and certified too. In particular, the nurses are registered with the AHCA licensed nursing registry that verifies their education and ability to perform nursing duties correctly. Our range of caregivers include:

  • Registered nurses
  • Home health aides
  • Certified nursing assistants
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Patient care technicians

There is no closing time for our office. We offer 24/7 support to all residents of Cooper City and the entire region of South Florida. After all, emergencies and patient care do not have a time limit. They are needed at all hours of the day and night.

Contact Our Team in Cooper City

Are you ready to contact our health caregiving team in Cooper City? All you need to do is call (954) 431-1534 or use our contact form here to submit your home care service requests. You can also ask questions and learn more about all the different home care services we provide that were highlighted above. 

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