Home Health Care Agency in Davie

Home Health Care Agency in Davie
Do you need a Home Health Care Agency in Davie, FL?

Health Care of South Florida is an affordable and top-rated home health care agency in Davie, Broward County (contact info). We employ an elite staff of skilled and licensed caregivers, nurses and other professionals. Our mission is to offer dedicated and professional care to every single one of our patients. We’ll go out of our way to earn your trust, respective, and friendship.

Patients often have unique care requirements based on their specific physical or mental condition. That is why we offer many different home care services, including:

  • Skilled Nursing / Home Nursing Care
  • Medical Social Work
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Senior Home Care
  • Home Health Aide
  • Occupational Therapy

Do any of these home care services interest you? If so, then call us at (954) 431-1534 or use our contact form here and receive a free consultation on our services.

Top Rated Home Nursing Care in Davie

Home nursing is a commonly requested service in Davie. With the increasing number of people moving to South Florida, the demand for home nursing services has never been greater.

Health Care of South Florida specializes in home nursing services for this reason. We are a top-rated home nursing agency in Davie with an impeccable track record for providing excellent service to patients.

Our caregivers can tend to the everyday needs of the patient, including medication distribution, meals, feeding, wound care, blood glucose testing, diabetic care, tracheostomy care, and more.

Do you want to learn more about why we’re a top-rated home nursing agency in Davie? 

Affordable Senior Home Care in Davie

Many seniors move to the city of Davie for their retirement. As they get older, seniors might require assistance doing normal activities around the home. Simple things like cooking, cleaning, and bathing will become difficult tasks for them to accomplish. They’ll need a senior home caregiver who can perform these tasks and more.

Since most seniors have a limited budget for home care services, we offer affordable senior home care in Davie. When you hire Health Care of South Florida, you will only pay for what you need and nothing more. If you’d prefer to have part-time home care instead of full-time 24/7 care, then we can offer you that service.

Whichever home care schedule you prefer, we can accommodate those wishes. Learn more about the schedules and prices of our senior home care services by calling (954) 431-1534 or using our contact form here.

Why Choose Health Care of South Florida

Health Care of South Florida serves the people of the Davie community. Our anti-discrimination policies ensure that every citizen of Davie is entitled to the same level of quality home care and treatment. We never discriminate against race, wealth, ethnicity, age or disability.

Whether a patient is injured or disabled, we have highly trained staff members who can provide the kind of short-term and long-term care they need. All of our nurses and caregivers possess the proper licenses and certifications needed to care for South Floridians in their homes.

Contact us to find out more information about our anti-discrimination policies and other pieces of information regarding our services.

Why Health Care of South Florida Should Be Your Premier Choice

We realize there are lots of home care agencies to choose from in Davie. However, the reason you should choose Health Care of South Florida is our 15-year history of dedicating ourselves to the health and needs of our patients.

The staff of Health Care of South Florida are more than caregivers to patients. We are friends, associates and sometimes, we’re even considered family. Find out why we’re the premier choice to care for you or your loved one by calling us at (954) 431-1534 or using our contact form here.

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