Guide to HOME CARE

Guide to HOME CARE for Miami and Broward

Some people are not physically or mentally capable of taking care of themselves. At the same time, they don’t want to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility for personal or financial reasons. They would rather stay in their own home where they feel comfortable and safe.

If family members are put in the position to care for their loved ones, they might not be prepared for the stressful responsibilities that come with the job. Fortunately, one remaining solution still exists that can make everyone happy. Professional home health caregivers can provide comprehensive care and attention to your loved one in their home. The healthcare providers come to the home and stay for any amount of time they’re needed.

Health Care of South Florida has offered home care services to South Floridians for over 15 years. It doesn’t matter if your loved one is a disabled senior or young adult. We’re available to serve everyone in South Florida regardless of age, gender, or race. If you’d like to find out more information or request a consultation, please call us at (305) 871-3601, or you can contact us here.

Home Care Options

Health Care of South Florida can provide your loved one with non-medical in-home care, medical in-home care, or both. Their mental or physical health demands will depend on their current condition. But regardless of the condition, our home health care aides and nurses are up for the job. We have the knowledge and experience as professional medical caregivers and non-medical caregivers alike.

Non-Medical Care

Does your loved one live alone and require help with necessary errands and tasks around the house? If you hire Health Care of South Florida, we can send a home health aide to their home to perform these tasks.

Our aides can do the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and other required housekeeping duties. We’ll even serve as friends to your loved one and provide them with an active social life that they might be desperate to have.

Companion care helps people develop trust for their caregivers. Trust is essential when caregivers attempt to assist their clients with more personal and sensitive tasks, such as bathing, toileting, and dressing.

Medical Care

If your loved one requires actual medical care services, we can send a registered nurse or certified nursing assistant to their home to provide these services. Home health care is suitable for people suffering from illnesses or injuries. The care could involve physical therapy, speech therapy, nursing, or whatever their doctor believes is needed. The typical nursing duties include medication management, monitoring symptoms, and checking the person’s vital signs and temperature.

Hospice care is available to terminally ill or severely injured clients. If you need a nurse in the home 24 hours per day and seven days per week, we can arrange to make that continuous service available to you. Our team can offer your loved one counseling and pain management to ease their suffering as much as possible.

Contact Us Today

Are you ready to help make your loved one more comfortable at home? If so, Health Care of South Florida can send a qualified nurse or home health aide to quickly care for your loved one. They’ll receive all the care they need at home without having to visit any facility or office.

Health Care of South Florida accepts widely used insurance carriers in South Florida, such as Medicare, Aetna, Univita, BlueCross BlueShield, ElderCare Alliance, WellCare Health Plans, United Healthcare, and Cigna. Your loved one might even qualify for Medicaid too.

You can call (305) 871-3601, or you can contact us here to find out more details.

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