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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a service reserved for people who have trouble speaking due to a physical or mental condition. Some of the most common speech disorders can be attributed to issues with swallowing, communication, or cognition. A lot of people who have these issues are born with them, or they develop a disease that affects their speech as they get older.

Speech disorders don’t just make it difficult to talk. They can also make it difficult to eat food, drink beverages, and think about the words that you want to say. The only way to combat a speech disorder is to undergo speech therapy. That is what the speech therapists and pathologists of Health Care of South Florida are trained to do for their patients.

All of our speech therapists are highly trained experts who have years of experience in improving the cognitive function and communication abilities of people with speech disorders. Not only do we do our jobs with the utmost professionalism, but we actually care about our patients and their health. That is why we are proud to transform people’s lives and make them feel whole again.

Health Care of South Florida requires all our speech therapists to possess an accredited Master’s Degree in speech therapy or a related major. They must also be licensed to practice in Florida and have a clinical certification issued by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. These qualifications are why South Floridians trust our speech therapists and the services that we offer to them.

Speech Services

Every new speech therapeutic treatment starts with an evaluation of the patient. Our speech therapist tests the patient to see how well they can communicate and swallow. Based on their performance, the speech therapist will put together a treatment plan to address the inconsistencies or discrepancies in the speech. The treatment might include voice disorder treatment, language disorder treatment, dysphagia treatment, or aural rehabilitation.

When cognitive decline is the issue, the treatment will include a series of memory and problem-solving exercises. Sometimes the brain needs to be exercised in order to think and remember things more clearly. Then it becomes easier for the person to speak their words without having to devote too much time toward thinking about them.

Near You

In-Home Care

Health Care of South Florida offers affordable speech therapy services because they are administered at the home of the patient. You don’t need to visit our office or some special clinic to receive the treatment. Our speech therapist will come to your residence and start the therapeutic sessions within the comfort of your own home. It makes the experience more comfortable for the patient, especially if they’re embarrassed to visit public places because of their disorder.

Our speech therapists are compassionate and empathetic toward our patients. That is why our primary objective is to improve the speech and cognition of our patients as much as possible. Even though the speech disorders of our patients have different levels of severity, we won’t stop working with you until your symptoms are reduced or eliminated. And you won’t even need to leave your house!

Enjoy the Benefits

When a patient can learn to improve their speaking and swallowing abilities, it will improve their self-confidence too. They will no longer feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their problem because they’ll know how to keep it under control. The patient simply has to keep working with the speech therapist regularly and never give up on their treatment. 

As the patient’s disorder improves, it won’t be as stressful for them to speak anymore. And because there is less stress, there is less energy expended too. That will make the patient feel so much better.

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List of Services

  • Evaluation
  • Voice disorder treatment
  • Dysphagia treatment
  • Language disorder treatment
  • Aural rehabilitation
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