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A Guide to Senior Living in Miami and Broward

Health Care of South Florida aims to improve the health and living conditions of seniors living in South Florida. Their home environment has a significant impact on their quality of life. If your loved one is a senior who can no longer take care of themselves independently, you need to limit the number of obstacles and challenges they face in their home.


Does your senior still need so much space? Perhaps downsizing to a smaller home will make it easier for your loved one to move around and access the rooms they want to visit. Avoid houses with stairs and more than one story in size. It would help if you also decluttered the home by removing unwanted or unused possessions. This will make it easier for the senior to find what they need.

Home Preparations

Sometimes, seniors don’t want to leave their home if they’ve lived in it for many years. But if their home has lots of stairs and obstacles, it is imperative to make specific improvements to decrease the senior’s chances of having an accident of some kind.

You can get started by creating a leveled surface at the entry of the home. Eliminate steps leading to the front door and back door. If there are stairs inside the house, consider installing a stairlift system that can automatically transport the senior up and down the stairs.

The bathroom is a critical room to upgrade. Seniors tend to slip and fall, especially when trying to get in and out of the shower. That is why you should install handrails for them to grip and use for stability. An elevated toilet might reduce a slip and fall accident on the tile floor as well.

The general idea is to make everything easy for the senior. Keep the environment brightly illuminated, so they can see where they’re going clearly. Place rubber mats on the floor in the spots where they’re most likely to fall, such as the flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, and front porch.

Professional Home Care

Most seniors would rather live in their own homes than a nursing home or assisted living facility. Not only does it save money, but it allows seniors to continue living an independent and more confident lifestyle. However, if the senior cannot take care of themselves because of an illness or injury, a home caregiver is the best solution.

You can choose to have a full-time or part-time caregiver come to the home, depending on the senior’s health condition. Sometimes a senior will only need part-time help with things like daily cooking, cleaning and exercises. But if they have more severe health conditions which render them immobile or disabled entirely, a full-time caregiver is required.

There are two choices in this situation. As a friend or family member of the senior, you can choose to live in the home and become their caregiver. The upside is that it wouldn’t cost you any money. The downside is that your loved one wouldn’t have a licensed and trained healthcare professional to watch over them.

What happens if you need to manage their medication dosage or physical therapy? If you don’t have the proper training to perform these tasks, you could end up putting your loved one in greater danger. That is why we recommend hiring our team of home care professionals to assist in these matters for you.

Health Care of South Florida offers professional home care services to seniors in South Florida. We have a team of registered nurses and licensed therapists specializing in several health-related fields. Our goal is to enhance senior living so that people can enjoy their final years at home without much pain or discomfort. We’re also wonderful companions to seniors who don’t have anyone else to communicate with each day.

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