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Physical Therapy Services for Miami and Broward – Guide

Anyone can end up suffering from a physical disability due to an injury or illness. It happens to both younger and older people. After the patient has been treated at the hospital for their emergency care, they will require long-term physical therapy care to help restore their mobility and flexibility. The duration and success of the treatment depends on the severity of their health condition.

Health Care of South Florida has a team of certified physical therapists who specialize in helping people restore their physical functionality again. We are a home health care agency in Broward County, which means our physical therapists will come to your home to provide our services. Not only is this convenient for the patient, but it keeps our operational costs low as well.

If you’d like a free consultation or price estimate, you can contact our customer support team at (305) 871-3601 for further assistance.

The Process of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an essential and sophisticated in-home care service. There are several steps involved in the process. Each step is important to ensure the patient gets the best physical therapy treatment possible. Let’s go over those steps below.

Evaluation Process

The physical therapist begins by evaluating the current physical condition of the patient. The evaluation will focus on discovering all the physical limitations and abilities of the patient. For instance, is the patient able to walk? Raise their arms? Lift small objects? These are the kinds of things that will be evaluated.

Personalized Exercise Regimen

The physical therapist uses the information discovered from the evaluation to create a personalized exercise regimen for the patient. These are a series of low-intensity exercises meant to accommodate the patient’s physical limitations, while allowing them to strengthen their muscles and boost their mobility and flexibility.

The physical therapist acts as a caregiver and physical trainer at the same time. The patient may work with light hand weights, exercise bands, or perform various stretching exercises. It all depends on what they need to build their body functionality back up again.

Ongoing Care

Physical therapy is an ongoing in-home care service. It might only require a few weeks for some people but a few months for others. All of our physical therapy services will be delivered right to your home. You can request them anytime you need them. We can set up a physical therapy schedule that is convenient for you.

Why Choose Health Care of South Florida?

As a home health care agency in Miami, we care about the wellbeing of our patients. We’ve assisted hundreds of patients with all kinds of physical problems, whether they were the result of illnesses or injuries. Although our ultimate goal is to see our patients make a full recovery, we also offer other benefits to them as well.

Here is how you or your loved one can benefit from our physical therapy services:

  • Enhanced mobility
  • More energy
  • Less inflammation
  • Less pain
  • Reduces diabetes symptoms
  • Strengths your bones and joints
  • Reduces recovery time following an injury
  • Help avoid future surgeries

Even if all your physical symptoms don’t go away, you can still enjoy relief from those symptoms. Virtually all our patients feel better within the first few weeks of administering their physical therapy treatment.

Get Your Evaluation Today

Are your ready to get started feeling better? If so, schedule your evaluation today! Then we can determine if you need a home exercise program, therapeutic exercises, ultrasounds, prosthetic training, gait training and more. Our physical therapists are knowledgeable in all aspects of physical training and therapeutics. You are in good hands with us!

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