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Occupational Therapy Services for Miami and Broward – Guide

When someone becomes disabled from an injury or illness, it prevents them from doing their normal everyday activities. As a result, they cannot take care of themselves and live an independent lifestyle because they’re dependent on other people. But there is a specific type of therapy to help treat a patient in this situation.

Occupational therapy is a unique type of therapy where patients are assigned specific jobs to perform. These jobs (or occupations) are meant to help patients relearn how to do basic activities so that they can recover from their predicament. They might not recover completely, but they could at least get to a point where their disability doesn’t have to be so debilitating. That is the goal every occupational therapist has for their patient.

Why Choose Health Care of South Florida?

Health Care of South Florida has some of the most qualified occupational therapists of any home health care agency in Broward County. All our occupational therapists possess the necessary licenses, certifications, training and educational background to provide top quality occupational therapy services to patients in need of them.

Unlike other occupational therapy practices, Health Care of South Florida makes house calls to private residences. You are not required to travel to a clinic or facility away from your home. Instead, we will send a personalized occupational therapist to your home who will assess your individual needs and create a customized list of occupations for you to perform. We can come at any time you need our services.

During your personal evaluation, the occupational therapist will study your disability carefully to determine which areas of your mind and body are impaired the most. Based on what we discover from the evaluation, the occupational therapist will put together a plan that involves activities which can help you improve those impairments.

If you have any questions about our qualifications or the quality of care we provide, you can reach Health Care of South Florida at (305) 871-3601.

The Goals of Occupational Therapy

We are always hopeful about how occupational therapy will turn out for our patients. But since each patient is different, it is impossible to predict how long it will take for them to see improvement. Each patient has a unique set of circumstances in terms of their age, income, physical limitations, and emotional limitations. That is why the amount of occupational therapy required for each patient is different.

However, the goals we have for each patient are the same. No matter if you’re a senior citizen or a child, we want to improve your life mentally, physically and emotionally. We’ll reintroduce you to common daily activities and routines that you performed previously and show you how to do them again. The occupational therapy is meant to go at your own pace. You will not be rushed or pushed to do more than you can handle. This is simple about making the effort to perform these activities so that you can improve a little bit each day.

Eventually, we hope you’ll get to a point where you can perform daily activities without the assistance of an occupational therapist. That is the end goal we have for everyone.

Consultation for Family Members and Caregivers

Our occupational therapists not only consult with the patients, but we also consult with the family members and caregivers as well. It is important for all caregivers to understand the best way to care for the patients. They are responsible for providing the emotional and spiritual support needed on a daily basis. With the right coaching, the caregivers can assist the patients whenever the occupational therapist is not there.

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Are you ready to consult with our home health care agency in Miami? If so, then you can dial (305) 871-3601 to get a hold of our occupational therapy staff at Health Care of South Florida. We’ll answer your questions and schedule an appointment to visit with you and/or your loved one.

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