Do you need Medical Social Worker Services for Miami or Broward?

Medical Social Worker Services for Miami and Broward – Guide

You’ve probably heard of regular social workers before. They are professional public servants who oversee the safety and wellbeing of citizens within their community. Medical social workers are similar except they work with people who’ve suffered serious physical injuries and traumas.

For instance, if a patient needs assistance in finding the proper healthcare options for their budget and needs, they would contact a medical social worker to guide them through the process. Medical social workers do not administer any actual medical treatments to patients. Instead, they help the patients find the best doctors, nurses, and care facilities to treat their particular condition.

Health Care of South Florida can offer you the very best medical social workers from our home health care agency in Broward. All our medical social workers are ready to make house calls on a 24-hour, 7-day per week basis. Let us know what you need and when you want us to show up by dialing (305) 871-3601 or clicking here to use our contact form.

How it Works

A patient will normally request a medical social worker after they’ve been discharged from a medical facility or hospital. Perhaps they had surgery or some major operation and now require post-surgical care outside of the hospital. That is when the patient or their family member will contact us to request a medical social worker.

When the medical social worker arrives, they will begin by evaluating the current health condition of the patient. This will be a thorough process which could involve continuous collaboration with the patient’s doctors and other health experts. The medical social worker will want to get a sense of every possible medical service or treatment that would be required for the health condition at hand.

A patient might require the following medical products or services:

  • Medical equipment
  • Transportation to doctor’s offices or hospitals
  • Home health aide
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological counseling
  • Caregiving
  • Nursing

If the medical social worker determines the patient needs one or more of these treatments, they will connect the patient with the proper channels to obtain these for them. The best part is the patient doesn’t need to leave their home because the medical social worker brings everything to the patient’s home.

Advantages of Medical Social Workers

Here is an overview of why you should hire a medical social worker:

  • Helps provide short term therapy
  • Connects patient with community resources
  • Mental and physical assessments
  • Long-term planning and counseling
  • Cost savings

Medical social workers address the mental and physical issues of a patient. Mental health is gaining more attention in the modern age. Medical professionals no longer focus on physical health alone because they realize the importance of mental health treatment for improving the life of a patient.

Since we deliver medical social workers to the patient’s home, we don’t have to worry about the operational costs of running a medical facility or clinic. With such lower overhead costs, we are able to offer our patients lower costs for our services too. You’ll never need to worry about spending too much. Our services are priced to be economical for the average Floridian.

Contact Health Care of South Florida Today!

Our medical social workers can come to your home whenever you need them. As a home health care agency in Miami, we can provide our services to any person in Miami-Dade County or Broward County. Our hours of operation are 24/7, so you can contact us whenever you need our services.

If you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is pick up your phone and dial (305) 871-3601. We’ll have a licensed medical social worker come over to your home and assist you.

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