A Guide to Alzheimer’s Caregiving

A Guide to Alzheimer’s Caregiving for Miami and Broward

Statistics show that nearly 16 million people care for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Many of the caregivers are family members who don’t have any professional training or certifications. On top of that, the emotional trauma of watching their loved ones suffer takes a toll on them as well.

Health Care of South Florida understands the importance of Alzheimer’s caregiving. It requires a highly trained and certified professional who can be patient, creative, and flexible with their patients. Our team of registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, and home health aides are on-call to assist your friend or family member as they deal with Alzheimer’s disease.

We serve all residents of the South Florida area. If you’d like to inquire about our Alzheimer’s caregiving services, please call (305) 871-3601, or you can contact us here.

Common Symptoms

Inexperienced caregivers easily could feel stressed and burned out as they attempt to care for an Alzheimer’s patient. Sometimes, the caregiver’s emotional and physical symptoms can get too much for them to handle. It is one more reason to hire a professional team of caregivers, such as the nurses at Health Care of South Florida.

In case you have doubts, let’s examine the common symptoms of an Alzheimer’s patient. Then you can decide whether you think professional assistance is necessary:

  • Uncontrollable Anger: Alzheimer’s disease could cause a person to have uncontrollable or random expresses of anger and rage. If an inexperienced caregiver must manage an angry person all day, it could make the caregiver angry too.
  • Emotional Instability: Mood swings and depression are more symptoms of Alzheimer’s patients. They could seem fine one minute and then burst out into tears the next minute. If a caregiver is not disciplined, they could become depressed by merely being around such emotion.
  • Sleep Problems: Caregiving is a full-time job because Alzheimer’s patients cannot get a decent night’s sleep. They wake up frequently and disrupt everyone else’s sleep in the same household. If you cannot afford to lose sleep, let our caregivers be available to your loved one all day and night.
  • Lethargy: Alzheimer’s suffers motivation and guidance, or else they’ll do nothing all day. In other words, they need a healthy routine of activities to do each day. But they cannot stick to those activities unless someone is around to remind them. We can ensure they stay active and motivated with a day filled with healthy activities.

As you can see, managing an Alzheimer’s patient is a big responsibility. They have a diverse range of symptoms and emotions that only a trained professional can tackle. Our nurses and aides have assisted Alzheimer’s patients for many years. We can stay disciplined with our emotions so that our patients can receive maximum attention and assistance. We can cook meals, distribute medication, run errands, express patience, and do whatever is required to make our patients more comfortable without having to leave home.

Have a Plan

Only a mental health professional or physician can diagnose someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Make sure your loved one has received this diagnosis so that you can plan the next steps accordingly. Those steps should involve hiring a home health caregiver to watch over the patient and assist them with their daily needs and activities.

As our caregivers look after your loved one, we can recommend some truly remarkable Alzheimer’s support groups for you and the rest of your family members to attend. These support groups are comprised of other families who have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. People share stories of the physical, emotional, and mental challenges of caring for someone with this horrible disease.

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Relieve the stress of being a caregiver. Contact our Miami team or Broward caregivers to inquire about our Alzheimer’s caregiving services. Our number is (305) 871-3601, or you can contact us here.

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